May 17, 2024

Informative Tips We Could All Implement in Our Daily Lives to Help Keep Our Air Clean

As our environment is getting weaker it is imperative to find new ways to run our lives with the focus on keeping our air clean from harmful chemicals. In today’s crowded societies we have everything from car exhaust, factory exhaust and even in our homes, we tend to not pay attention to the things we use like paint and household cleaning products. These things contain harmful chemicals that can make us sick from breathing in the air as we use them. 

The main solution which any consumer could do in their own homes is to conserve energy first. By doing this, there is less pollution pumping out from the power plants. There are many ways to conserve energy inside our homes. If we could just implement good household habits like turning off lights if natural light can come in. Making sure our electronics are turned off and unplugged when we are not using them. All of this would help preserve our energy in order to help keep our air cleaner. Also, as I mentioned, the products we use in the home are also a problem for our air quality. Therefore, we should begin to buy only non-harmful organic and chemical free cleaning agents and for our home improvement products we buy such as paint and varnishes. 

Likewise, industrial corporations also have a responsibility to do whatever they can to keep our air quality as clean as possible. A lot of these industrial sites have invested in things like regenerative thermal oxidizers. The way the oxidizer works is circulating a high-powered supply fan that sweeps the exhaust fume into the oxidizer where inlet valves then push them into an energy recovery canister, while inside, the pollutant air is destroyed as it goes through a combustion chamber. As for transportation pollution, more and more people are investing in hybrid cars and although most still run on electric energy it is still better than fossil fueled vehicles. With hybrid cars, you can plug your car in and unplug it as soon as it is fueled up enough. 

However, if you are not able to afford one of these newer types of automobiles, you can still maintain your fuel injected car in ways that will help the air quality. Things like rolling down the windows instead of using the air conditioner or running emissions tests every year or two depending on your car’s age. Also, make sure you have regular maintenance done under the hood. 

Finally, as you read through these tips, it may seem like a lot to process in order to start living a cleaner life. Even so, it is now all our duty to help maintain a cleaner environment for our future generations. Right now, their future is uncertain because of all the pollutants that circulate through our air, and I for one would rather be confident in my mind before it is my time to leave, that we all have started now to secure this earth for those who will come after us.

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