May 17, 2024
Importance of Methane Gas Reduction

Importance of Methane Gas Reduction

The world is shrinking rapidly to become a global village. Sadly, the excesses of human beings have not been curbed effectively yet. It is important to understand the devastating effect of greenhouse gases that not only hinder living creatures but make the environment worse too. It is time for you as a well-meaning individual to consider saving the environment. Take the first step in the right direction by studying the process of methane gas reduction. This will not only help you to understand the facts and damage that the environment is facing but you will also appreciate how the world has been taking notice and doing its utmost to get rid of methane gas emissions for good. 

Need for methane gas reduction

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that can devastate the planet. It is second to carbon dioxide as a gas that can tarnish the environment and alter it irrevocably. There is a silver lining though. This gas may be powerful but it does not remain in the atmosphere for too long contrary to carbon dioxide that lingers in the atmosphere for more than a century. 

Rapid reduction of methane gas must be done for the following reasons.

  • It can slow climatic change to a great degree
  • The reduction of this greenhouse gas can limit global warming considerably
  • It is the best way to halt climatic changes within a short time

Contribution of the Oil & Gas Industry to Methane Emissions

Studies have revealed that at least 60% of methane emissions have been due to the direct actions of the oil and gas industry in the energy sector. The operations of the industry release harmful methane into the atmosphere thus contaminating it. Multiple processes contribute to the factor with the following reasons for methane emissions held most dangerous for the environment…

  • From Fugitive Emissions
  • From Flaring
  • From Venting

Tips to reduce methane emissions

There have been many research studies conducted to reduce methane emissions thus reducing the global warming process. Unfortunately, it has not been as effective as the environmentalists hoped for. The need for the development of new technologies has been felt for not only detecting the extent of emissions but also for measuring the methane accurately. Moreover, the detection of methane leaks and repair at the source requires the support of other complementary systems such as satellite & aerial surveillance coupled with teams on the ground operating handheld devices. 

The industry has also been advised to check the flares and eliminate them as much as possible. The experts need to be roped in to ensure the following as well

The flares must be:

  • Lit effectively to ensure proper operations
  • Controlled during methane combustion
  • The unlit flares with active methane must be checked for release of the gas into the atmosphere
  • The unlit & inactive flares should have no leaks associated with methane emissions

While many small entities are doing their best for methane gas reduction, perfection has not been achieved so far. All industries need to come together and do their bit to eliminate this hazard. Plugging of orphan wells has proved to be a step in the right direction.

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