July 19, 2024

Tips for Wintertime Lawn and Driveway Care

Winter will be here soon enough. Already, temperatures are dropping in certain areas of the country. While most lawn work is best completed during the other seasons, there are still some terrific tips for wintertime lawn and driveway care that all homeowners should consider. When the first frost happens, it is best to ensure that hedges, bushes and other lawn items are trimmed back and protected from the approaching cold and snowfall if necessary. The exact nature of your usual wintertime lawn care tasks will vary depending on the makeup of your outdoor plants, trees and other items. Additionally, the area of country and expected weather forecast will also play a huge role. 

Many northern and colder weather regions have some challenging wintertime lawn care requirements that can include heavy snow accumulations. Every homeowner in these snowy colder areas can benefit by hiring lawn care companies that offer reliable snow plowing services through the winter months. This small service can really make your wintertime yard work so much easier. It is often difficult for some working homeowners to find the necessary time to keep up with all the snow shoveling and other outdoor yard work the winter season entails. 

Some seniors and those with chronic health ailments might be unable to perform the hard work of snow shoveling and other snow related outdoor duties. Hiring a lawn service that delivers expert snow plowing work can be a huge relief for these homeowners. Worried family members should consider these snow removal services for their elderly parents or other family members. This can help to ensure the safety of the loved ones and visitors to the property. There are many winter hazards like icy walkways and slippery driveways for the elderly or frail to contend with throughout the snowy months. 

Slip and fall accidents account for many falls and injuries that happen during those wintertime months. Finding a lawn care company that will keep your outdoor walkways safe and ice-free can be a real advantage. This type of service can give everyone welcome peace-of-mind. Frigid cold temperatures can make those with heart and/or lung problems more at risk for serious health complications brought on by the stressful efforts necessary when shoveling heavy snow outside. Doctors and hospitals always report an increase in colder weather hazards that can cause severe injuries including broken hips, hurt backs and stress-induced heart attacks. 

Anyone that attempts to perform the heavy task of show shoveling this season should at least take some cautionary measures. Limit outdoor exposure if temperatures are markedly low. Wear warm clothing put on in layers, and use a scarf or face mask to warm the air being breathed in. Always wear slip-resistant boots and other footwear and take frequent breaks to warm up. These simple actions can really lower your risks of a wintertime fall or other injury substantially. Seniors can wear personal alarms that will alert help immediately in the event of a fall outside.

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