February 23, 2024

Get an Unforgettable Vacation in Yishun, Here Are 10 Must-Visit Places!

When you come to visit Singapore, there are so many places to go. One of the most underrated destinations is Yishun. Formerly known as Nee Soon, Yishun is a residential town located in the northeastern corner of the North Region of Singapore that offers many destinations for having fun.

But before you go to explore Yishun, there is one thing to do, you must book a room for your stay. In Yishun, there is Hotel 81 Yishun or Marriott Singapore that you can go to for one or two nights. So, you will have enough time to explore all of these places in Yishun.

  1. The Animal Resort

The first destination to visit is the Animal Resort. In this place, you will spot a small-sized zoo. Not only the zoo, but you can also visit Seletar West Farmway, green orchards, and of course the famous Koi Fishing Houses.

Remember not to spend too much time in this place because you can explore it within hours. If you want to eat, there are so many finest eateries that are also available nearby. Also, you can find some local shops to buy some groceries.

  • Kranji War Memorial

The next place that you won’t miss is the Kranji War Memorial. You can see the story of Yishun there that honors men and women from the Commonwealth who had died during World War II. The place offers you an ambiance of peaceful surroundings.

Because you can go to the Kranji War Memorial for free, you can sit there for hours and enjoy the environment. Also, you and your family can enjoy the 4,400 white gravestones in rows here.

  • Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is one of the landmarks in the place. The is a scenic lookout and popular among Singaporeans. Whether for sitting at nighttime or going for a family picnic, you can go to the Yishun Dam.

The place is also free so you can enjoy your time as long as you want with your family and friends. But, don’t forget to bring your own picnic mats, guitar, and some snacks for chilling.

  • Woodlands Waterfront Park

One of the famous attractions in Yishun internationally is the Woodlands Waterfront Park. Because of its surrounding area of 110,000 hectares, the park is crowded with tourists from all over the world. This coastal park consists of many beautiful sceneries that you can effortlessly enjoy.

This beautiful park also has a 1.5-kilometer-long waterfront promenade which makes it a perfect spot to picnic. Also, the Woodlands Waterfront Park gives you an enjoyable experience with a perfect natural view.

  • Senoko Fishery Port

In Yishun, not only can you go for a picnic but also you can go fishing. Of course, in Senoko Fishery Port, as a casual or professional fisherman, it is a must thing to do there. Senoko Fishery Port is the perfect place for you to explore if you love such activities.

Fun fact, fish from the port are not only supplied to many Singaporean restaurants and eateries but also to several popular international destinations. If you are just a visitor that is not familiar with fishing, don’t worry, the port has some places where shoppers and tourists can go for tasty-eating experiences.

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