July 19, 2024
Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek: Places to Visit


Karnataka is a state in the south of the Indian peninsula. It was established in November 1956, and from then on, this state of Karnataka. Karnataka is known for its unique culture and tradition which is different from all the other states in India. Its culture, and tradition reflects the deep Dravidian culture, in south India. Karnataka is intensely famous for its rich historical monuments.

If one asks about South India, the foremost thing that comes to a person’s mind would be Kerala and Tamil Nadu. But if you ask a real enthusiast about south India, what would first come to his/her mind would be the glamorous Kudremukh National Park and the associated trekking area associated and engulfed in it. This trek is located around, 95 km away from the district of Chikmagalur, in Karnataka. This place is indeed a heaven’s abode on earth for the trekkers and tourists, who want to experience jubilance in their life, and in their trekking expedition. Nature has subsumed it so deeply that one cannot forget the amount of rivets this place provides.

The Name

Kudre means ‘Horse’ and ‘Mukha’ means face in the language of Hindi. Kudremukh when translated in most crude terms connotes the idea of ‘Horse Face’. The range gets its name from a specific view of the mountain range which resembles a horse, and that is why the name.

The Trek

The Kudremukh trek is lush and plentily, surrounded by allocated greenery and the hills, for the experienced and semi-experienced trekker. Also newcomers could take this as an opportunity to experience camping, the Kudremukh Sanctuary has a condition that is relative to temperate climate which is mired with temperature ranging from 28° C to 18°C. It adds to the perfection and enigmatic beauty of the place, helping one to travel to this place, throughout the year. Yet, if one is of desire, or a wish to make the most of their peregrination, then in this situational circumstance, the best time to go is between the month of October to the month of May, which can help the trekkers witness the true glory of the trek, and see its shiny and effective experience.

It has formidable tracks that pass through the vacillating hills and are splendid to hike on if you wish for it any form of glorious adventure.

Places to Visit

The Waterfalls of Kadambi, and the Falls Hanumangundi are one of the most visited and unique entities to see in this environment. The water oozing down the rocks amidst the lush green rolling hills and flora of the area, is undoubtedly the most pleasurable way to add composure to the experience of the trip.

Kundremukh park also houses a multitude of fauna like tiger, wild dogs, leopard, gain Malabar squirrel, langur, bear(sloth), and many more, endemic, vulnerable, and endangered ones. Apart from these one can also find multiple other species of 250 plus, species of birds in the wildlife sanctuary, or the outskirts of the park, which one can effectively spot with ease, if birdwatch is effective adoration of the trekker.

National park and its premise also engulfs within self, the rich tea and coffee plantations on the North and the East Boundaries. Walking amidst them or just witnessing the sheer glorious beauty is nothing less than a memorable event to experience, for all the family members and the peers with whom you would take this trip.

The depth of the forest and the denseness rivets, the travelers, forests round the vicinity of the town and flora spotting is heavily popular, even though the forest cover makes it a hard bite to spot animals with ease. One needs to put a little extra effort in the jungle to catch a view of the wildlife. In total this place is reverence to the eyes, as well as for the soul.

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