June 11, 2024

What Innovative Techniques can be used for Waste Management?

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A rise of consumer culture over the past few decades and a rapid upsurge of the growing urban population is adding more to the global waste. According to reports, global waste is expected to reach 4 billion tons by 2050. The need of an hour is to find modern and fastest ways of waste management. The real responsibility lies on starting to eliminate this problem in a domestic way. There is no harm in getting a commercial skip hire, which with its organised waste management system could remove necessary waste in a best practice. The disposal of waste can’t be overstated due to commercial skip benefits which are mostly eco-friendly. Hiring a commercial skip is reliable, easy to hire, saves your money, avoid any legal issues, enhances safety issues, easy to use and most importantly, an individual is at liberty to choose a suitable skip as convenient for themselves. 

Global communities are turning to smart waste management solutions, to minimise the strain which is putting on our current environment. In addition to that, the waste management industry and public sector is creating an integrated system that consists of high tech in the most effective way ever before. Also, to improve the value generated and lead the growth of the market for recovered products, the integration of related business could develop a new motivation. This article might help you in getting to know newer solutions that might be helpful for waste management. 

What Is Smart Waste Management?

Smart waste management is an environment-friendly and cost-effective way of using any technology to make trash collection more efficient. In addition to that it helps in optimising waste collection and spurs in future innovation, a monitoring technology that collects and tracks real-time data, as most of the systems are equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT). 

What Innovative Techniques can be used for Waste Management?

There are several innovative techniques that could be used for waste management which are as follows:

Garbage Truck Weighing Mechanisms

The innovative garbage truck weighing mechanisms helps in predicting a fill level and reduction in collection trips, like waste level sensors, weighing mechanisms installation. Using the data to predict the fill levels over time would be great, as they do this by measuring and storing the weight of waste containers. Also, cities are required to send their trucks out and reduce annual collection costs, by which they could use this technology to predict the garbage level more accurately. 

Robot Recyclers

Robot recyclers have become a top trend in last decades, which is why we can not use them while talking about innovation. Western companies expedited their innovative steps to integrate robotic technology in a better process capability, as after import of recycling products they were restricted in 2018 by China. Robotic recyclers would reduce labour costs, reduce the health risk of human workers, helps in sorting recyclables, and assist in controlling quality. 

Solar-Powered Trash Compactors

Solar-powered trash compactors could hold up to five times more than standard trash bins garbage, as they help in increasing efficiency and minimize trips of waste collecting agencies to and from dump. They also collect and convey data on the times it was filled and collected, as these machines compress trash it accumulates to maximize bin capacity. 

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) allows waste management companies to optimize shipping routes and data timings, with its leverage of cloud computing technology which offers high-tech sensors. 

Robotic Trash Cans

Robotic wheeled trash cans are the most efficient and innovative technology used for waste management. You simply need to push a button and a trash can would roll out on its own. Those who are limited with motor skills or with restricted mobility could avail of this option. These automatic wheeled trash cans are programmed to travel to a specific person’s residence at a scheduled time and the day. 

Recycling apps

The biggest challenge of recycling centres is sorting through contaminated waste. Several organisations have released apps like iRecycle and RecycleNation which is an effort to limit unrecyclable materials from entering these centres. The comprehension lists of materials, location centres and recycling rates helps in determining items that could be recycled after these apps provide useful information on it. 

Self-Driving Trucks

An autonomous waste pickup is close to being implemented, despite the fact that it’s still in the development phase. Discussing standard times, for almost 3 years Volvo has been working as a self-driving truck while Uber became its subsequent partner. These self-trucks are optimised for low emissions and fuel consumption, along with customised speed, steering and gear changing. 

Waste Level Sensors

Communities could install waste level sensors in bins or dumpsters of any size, which might help them to minimise unnecessary trips to and from landfills. 

Take away

Avail the chance to use the best innovative techniques which includes self-driving trucks, waste level sensors, recycling apps, robotic trash cans, garbage truck weigh mechanism, robot recycles, solar compact trash compactors, and internet of things ( IoT) which are useful for waste management system. 


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