May 21, 2024

How to take care of teeth whitening?

Well-cared for white teeth allow us to show a perfect smile and radiant teeth. The consumption of certain foods and beverages and harmful habits such as tobacco can influence the color and condition of our teeth, causing them to acquire a yellow and unaesthetic tone. A teeth whitening is the perfect treatment to combat these cases and get our smile to regain the shine it had lost.

If you have already opted for this dental technique or are thinking of doing it, you should know that it is a very simple procedure and with all the guarantees. In our dental clinic we will always offer you the best personalized attention at the service of your dental health. Today we are going to tell you how to take care of teeth whitening to maintain the white of your teeth and take maximum care of your smile.

Tips to take care of teeth whitening before and after

Teeth whitening is a good option to keep your teeth white. It is important that you take care of your dental health properly so that the treatment can be as effective as possible. We are going to give you some previous tips that will help you protect your teeth against certain external threats.

Avoid drinking tea or coffee since, its constant consumption, causes stains on the teeth and can make them look yellowish and your smile is affected.

There are certain medications that also cause tooth enamel to darken. In these cases, it is best to consult with your dentist about the medication you are taking and the effects it may have on your teeth and gums. Never leave a treatment without authorization.

Soft drinks, sodas and sugary drinks, in addition to being harmful to your health, will damage your teeth and can lead to the appearance of stains.Sealant Services in Houston

Using soy sauce often in your meals can also affect the color of your teeth.

Other alcoholic beverages, such as wine, will stain your teeth and make your smile look less than perfect.

You may already eat a healthy diet and avoid these foods that we have mentioned, but even so, you may see how your teeth darken and different unsightly stains appear. In this case, we recommend you go to your dentist’s office and let him or her advise you on the measures you should take to regain the whiteness of your teeth and ensure your dental health. If you make the decision to have a teeth whitening, it is important that, before carrying it out, you follow a series of recommendations that will allow you to do it with all the guarantees.

It is important that whitening is carried out in a healthy mouth, so a prior check-up will be useful to see if you have any cavities or problems that need to be treated. The reason is that if there are cavities and whitening is carried out, the whitening agents could penetrate the affected areas of your tooth, increasing tooth sensitivity and causing new problems. In the dental clinic they will carry out a complete review to prevent this from happening and thus ensure that all the requirements are met to be able to carry out the treatment effectively. In addition, it is advisable to perform a dental cleaning to prepare your teeth and achieve a much better result.

In the days before teeth whitening, avoid using pastes that contain fluoride or potassium nitrate as these compounds can affect the treatment. As always, taking care of your diet, keeping it balanced and avoiding sugary foods, will also help. Remember that teeth whitening is a dental treatment, therefore, it is essential to perform it in a dental clinic that guarantees all hygiene and safety conditions for the treatment of your teeth and gums.

It is not a purely cosmetic procedure so we do not recommend doing it anywhere, but you should bet on those trusted dental clinics in which you know that they will offer you the necessary care.Sealant Services in Houston

Taking care of your dental health is essential, and your dentist will be in charge of advising you on the suitability or not of performing this treatment to achieve whiter teeth. In addition, your dentist will choose the most effective technique and will explain both the procedure and the steps you must carry out to make it effective. This treatment will be accompanied by a series of prior and subsequent consultations to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of it. The professionals who are in charge of carrying out your teeth whitening will carry out a previous diagnosis to verify that performing this procedure will not affect your gums, soft tissues or teeth.

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