July 19, 2024
Tips to Keep Pests out of Christmas Tree

Tips to Keep Pests out of Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time and most of our friends are busy planning on getting the Christmas tree. It is a great idea but with it, one must avoid inviting pests into the house. You may not do this knowingly but bringing a part of nature home would definitely indicate welcoming a few bugs in.

According to research, the Christmas tree can hold as many as 25k bugs which may not be visible to the naked eye. Here are some of the common ones that may stay hidden in your Christmas tree and of which you should be aware.

Types of Pests on Christmas Tree


Most common of all, aphids are look-alike of ticks. The only difference is that they have 6 instead of 8 legs. Residing in the lower branches of the tree, these are found in different colors.


Mites may be bad for other pests but they can give become a pain for you too. they are said to cling to the clothes and ornaments and spoil them with their color.


Spiders like greenery and one can often see them on different plants. This makes it easy for them to catch prey. The only problem is while they are about to lay eggs. The house can be full of them within no time.


Ticks are not that harmful but they can cause severe damage to your pets. They may not travel much but one tick is enough to make your pets sick.

Essential Tips to Ensure a pest-free Christmas tree

Now that you have decided to bring the Christmas tree home, you should know a few tricks to take care of it in such a way that you don’t face any pest issues that may follow them. To keep your Christmas tree pest-free make sure you check these tips out. Have a look!

Shake them Out

The tree bugs don’t have a good grip and so it is easy to shake them off. Before you can get any Christmas tree, the mechanical shakers take care of the bugs hiding in the tree while bringing them in. Just a good shake can help in getting rid of the pests. But when you are buying it and making preparations to get it home, giving it a good shake before bringing them in can help in shaking some of the bugs off.

Shine Light on the Christmas Tree

Most of the bugs are sensitive to light. The easiest way to determine that the pest doesn’t stay hidden in the tree is to shine the light upon them. This is the quickest and easiest way to deal with the pests within the tree. One must also check out other items such as egg masses, bird nests, or even spider webs. Check it once thoroughly for any pest infestation before you can bring them inside the house.

Dust it Properly Before Bringing It In

Bringing the Christmas tree into the house is the point of great excitement. In all that excitement do not forget to look for the pests in the tree. There is something about these bugs that can be easily taken care of. Before bringing the tree into the house it will be best to dust it properly with the right pesticides.

Diatomaceous Earth is a great insecticide that works on various pest infestations. Whether it is termite or ant, ticks or aphids, they can kill these pests on the spot. So, before you start decorating it, ensure that you sprinkle it with the diatomaceous earth and allow it to sit on the tree for 24 hours. This will help in getting rid of the residual pests and their eggs as well. it is an effective insecticide that can take care of various pests on the tree. According to professional pest control services in Ghaziabad, this is a safe pesticide but one must keep it away from the reach of kids and pests or they may find breathing difficulties.

Avoid Using Pesticide Sprays

When one spots pests on the tree the first thought takes them to various pesticides available in the market. Do avoid using pesticide spray on the tree directly with all the decorations on. The pest control services say that this can become a dangerous act for you. Try and get the pesticide spraying done before adding any decorations to the tree. The combination of the flammable bug spray with the Christmas tree lights can be lethal. This will definitely ruin your holiday and obviously your house.  

Vacuum Well

All the above-mentioned tips will be enough to maintain your Christmas tree to be healthy. But if you find some of the pests still remaining on the tree, then keeping the vacuum ready for taking them out will be very beneficial. Bringing a tree or any plant inside the house can invite different varieties of bugs into the house. It always seems good to have an additional tip to clear the pests.

A vacuum is a good machine that efficiently takes care of pests without involving any problems. Any stray aphids or spiders will be easy to take care of with the help of vacuum cleaners. Even if the tree is not real, spiders or other pests are sure to find a way to make their nest there.

Hire Pest Control Services

It can be before or after bringing the Christmas tree into the house. If you notice any pest infestation in your place, then don’t try to handle it through DIY methods. Instead, try to involve professional pest control services for the task. they will run a thorough inspection of the place. before you bring the tree inside, they can spread preventive measures on the nook and corner of the house. This will ensure that you don’t have to struggle with the pest infestation after the Christmas celebrations are over.

For more details, get in touch with the pest control services in Faridabad. You will find it to be very helpful to keep the pest problems away from the house during the winter season.

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