July 19, 2024
Lehenga choli for All Occasions

Lehenga choli for All Occasions

Every woman adores the classic outfit called the lehenga. It flows smoothly and has the ideal flare to satisfy everyone. Today, however, we are far from dressing traditionally and want to wear clothes that fit our body and the needs of the situation. Hence, a current fashion fusion that is popular is the crop top lehenga. It combines a large skirt with a choli, like a traditional lehenga but with a dash of western flair. You might find it without a dupatta, with a jacket, or both. It is quite comfortable, portable, and appropriate for use during holiday and wedding seasons.

Accessories for Crop top lehenga:

  • Necklace and earrings: The weight of the necklace and the earrings depends on the occasion and the appearance you’re going for with your clothing. Use heavy jewellery for a traditional style, and light jewellery for an Indo-western feel. For a balanced look, pair your hefty necklace with lightweight earrings or the opposite with the crop top lehenga. 
  • Bindi: Bindi gives your complete appearance more vigour and vitality when combined with the crop top lehenga. Depending on your facial shape, the matha patti or maang tikka you are wearing, and the occasion you will be attending, you can choose the size. 
  • Bangles are the first thing people notice about your dress and may instantly make it glow. They come in a variety of materials, including silver, gold, plastic, copper, glass, and others. To rock the occasion, try to complement them with your crop top lehenga choli. 
  • Nose Ring: If you are the bride or are attending a particularly intimate wedding, never neglect the nose ring. It can be worn even if your nose is not pierced and will make you appear more attractive right away with your crop top lehenga. 
  • Wedge heels, pencil heels, stilettos, and block heels look best with this ensemble. You can decide which one is easiest for you to carry with your crop top lehenga. Choose juttis if you don’t want heels.

Lehenga Choli

Bollywood sangeets and weddings showcase the authentic beauty of Indian dress. Guys can’t stop staring at the amazing costumes, but women want a chance to wear the lehenga choli, a three-piece outfit popular with the younger generation. The components of a lehenga choli are a fitted blouse that may be printed, embroidered, or both, and an ankle-length skirt that is fastened at the waist. An additional touch of grace and richness to the attire is the dupatta, a scarf worn across both shoulders.  At weddings, sangeets, festivals, etc., the lehenga ensemble is typically worn. It emphasises femininity while maintaining a traditional appearance. The beauty and classiness of this timeless attire are evident.

In the tenth century, lehenga choli became fashionable among women in North India. However, the Mughal Empire from 12th century popularised the attire and elevated the plain lehenga choli to the status of a regal garment. The lehenga choli became the standard royal costume for women throughout the Mughal era, which lasted until the 18th century. The more recent lehengas were made of luxurious materials like silk and brocade unlike the older ones, which were made of cotton. Designer lehenga choli is now common, and the newest designs can be seen all the time on social media throughout the wedding season. Today’s lehenga choli comes in a variety of styles based on the occasion, cut, and embroidery. You can choose the distinctive designs that best suit your tastes and help you stand out from the crowd thanks to the variety of patterns, designs, and colours.

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