July 19, 2024
Bought An EV? Now Protect The EV With Electric Vehicle Insurance

Bought An EV? Now Protect The EV With Electric Vehicle Insurance

In India, sales of electric vehicles are increasing steadily. EVs have become widely regarded as the future of transportation since they are cleaner, more effective, and ecologically benign than diesel or gasoline-powered cars. The government is also providing electric scooter subsidies.

Additional advantages of purchasing electric vehicle insurance include the following:

  • On-site charging: Running out of battery power is one of the major worries associated with owning an electric vehicle. EV insurance in India comes with a unique service of     portable mobile charging vehicles     to provide quick charging support during journeys. However, just a few cities offer this service. You will not need to worry about leaving your car behind in the event of a breakdown, an accident, or if the battery dies. The nearest dealership can be towed by electric vehicle insurance.
  • Depreciation coverage:* Compared to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), electric vehicles are significantly more expensive. The current electric car insurance plan can be upgraded with a bumper-to-bumper or Zero Depreciation Cover. By way of this coverage, you can make sure that as your electric vehicle matures, its market value won’t decrease. The insurance provider will not take the vehicle’s depreciation into account.
  • Replacement of Lock and Key:* If the key is stolen or lost in an EV, the entire locking mechanism must be changed. The high replacement costs for the system and the key are covered by this extra benefit.
  • Consumable costs:* It’s critical to maintain electric vehicles. There are significant costs associated with anything from maintaining spare parts to replacing them. Any such expenses incurred during servicing or following the accident are covered by a consumable expense cover.
  • Personal Baggage Cover:* A personal baggage add-on covers potential loss or damage resulting from theft or break-ins involving your electric car and the loss of your belongings.
  • The benefit of conveyance:* Having this addition is beneficial when the electric car is getting fixed at the network garage. You will not have to worry about paying for the car’s maintenance daily if you have this addition.

One of the most vital components of an electric vehicle is the motor, or motor protector. As one of the most expensive elements to maintain, repairing or replacing your vehicle’s motor after a malfunction or accident will cost more money.

With its features and add-ons, electric car insurance provides financial security and keeps you out of trouble with the law.* It also acts as a fallback for events that are under and beyond your control. You can gain knowledge about the advantages of insurance for electric vehicles and choose add-ons to customise your coverage to your specific requirements.

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